Service department
When theres nothing that separates one dealership from the next other than the customer service you should strive to excel in this area. In my opinion your dealership does not. I brought my 2018 in for a scheduled service and because of my work hours I had to sit in the parking lot for over an hour waiting to drop the bike off even though there were numerous employees in the store. When I finally got in I asked when did my service contact end , the technician stated it ended in a week, a month short of my anniversary of when I bought the bike. When I asked why he simply stated I only work here when he could have said let me see if I can find someone to explain this to you. Has for waiting in the parking lot to leave my bike for a scheduled appointment why cant you have a drop box of some sort or at least have someone there to just accept the keys so I can get on down the road. I live in Granbury if I cant get better customer treatment then why should I continue to use your dealership. You have a computer generated text that sends out messages why not have one that tells you that your service is due or your contract is about to come to an end. Just food for thought, after all service and the way customers get treated is what lasts long after the sale.
Jim Knavel
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